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Beeswax Cotton Food Wrap - Sandwich Pack - Super Hero Comic

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Say good bye to plastic wraps and say hello to these vibrant, eco-friendly reusable wraps!

Now for those of you the have never heard of bees wax cotton food wrap let me tell you a little bit about them. These Beeswax Wraps by Earth Conscious Living is designed to be an Eco friendly reusable alternative to plastic wrap and with all its vibrant beautiful colours who wouldn't rather wrap there food like this!

These Beeswax Wraps are:

- made from locally sourced bees wax from Southern Forests Honey 
- 100% Cotton and all made right here in WA
- reusable
- eco-friendly
- can be used on plates/bowls or directly on food
- keeps food fresh

Dimensions: 30 x 30 cm

Each pack includes 2 x Beeswraps