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Bobo & Boo 5 Piece Dinnerware Set - Blossom Pink

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Have you been looking for stylish and modern dinnerware for your child that is not full of cartoons and obnoxious colours? 

Bobo & Boo Dinnerware is made from Bamboo Fibres mixed with small amounts of bran and cornstarch. This is then combined with a food-grade binding resin and poured into a mould. It is also at this point that a small amount of food-safe mineral pigment is added to the mixture. This gives Bobo & Boo products their bright colours and you will love that there will be no colour that is painted or coated on top of the product. The moulds are then baked at a high temperature.

Bobo & Boo Dinnerware is a great gift option as it comes packed in a neat gift box.
Bobo & Boo bamboo dinner set contains the following pieces:

1 x Bowl - D150mm*H45mm                                                                                     
1 x Plate - D200mm*H12mm                                                                                     
1 x Cup - D85mm*H90mm                                                                                       
1 x Spoon & Fork - L140mm*W34mm/ L135mm*W25mm


Some of the benefits of bamboo (instead of plastic options):

  • BPA & phthalates free
  • Toxic-free
  • Biodegradable 
  • Can be washed in dishwasher as per recommendations
  • FDA & LFGB food safe approved

Please note that Bobo & Boo products are not suitable for the microwave.