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MontiiCo Mini Coffee Cup - Honeysuckle

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Meet Mini Coffee, the cutest little guy in our coffee fam!

Making the morning coffee run with Mum #MatchyMatchy, keeping warm on the inside but cool to touch! Babyccino in hand, watch out world here we come!


Here’s why Montii Mini Coffee is so rad:

  • 15 ml capacity
  • 4 Hours WARM
  • Insulated double-wall stainless steel.
  • BPA Free
  • Pop on silicone lid, with a tight fit for #easysipping
  • Easy to clean
  • Scratch and dent resistant finish.
  • Elegant and soothing colours
  • Perfect size for babyccino #matchymatchy with Mum
  • Outside is cool to touch
  • Get handsy with Montii - we recommend hand washing.

Cup dimensions: 7cm Diameter x 1 cm High

Gift box dimensions: 1 .5cm x 7.5cm x 7.5cm