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OmieBox - Yellow Sunshine

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The new cleaver lunchbox that allows to pack HOT and COLD food in one box!

The Omiebox is the first insulated bento box to reach the market.  Allowing you to store food at 2 seperate temperatures with the hot/cold insulated food jar and the sectioned lunchbox.  Keep your lunch warm and your snacks cold.

OmieBox uses two types of insulation so lunch is always served at the perfect temperature. Air insulation, vacuum insulation plus an airtight seal minimizes heat transfer to keep lunch nice and fresh!

Unlike most food jars that are deep and narrow, the vacuum insulated bowl is wide and shallow, so kids can easily scoop food out. Plus it’s easy to clean.  For maximum performance, preheat or pre-chill the insulated container prior to use by filling with hot/cold water. Let stand for 5 minutes, empty and fill with your contents and place the lid straight back on.

The insulated container can hold liquids, and the top and side compartments can hold thick liquids like yogurt. The square compartment (under the insulated container) can only hold dry foods.

18/8 Food Grade Stainless Steel
BPA Free
Phthalate Free Plastic
Food Grade Silicone

with insulated thermal jar:  770g
without insulated thermal jar: 540g

Large Square Section without thermal jar: 740mls
Thermal Jar: 222mls
Top Compartment: 295mls
Side Compartment: 444mls