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Reuse-a-pop Icypole Pouches - 12 pack

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No need for store-bought sugary flavoured icy poles in disposable plastic! These Reuse-A-Pop Reusable Icypole Moulds from the trusted Russbe brand are perfect for creating your own healthy frozen juice, fruit and yoghurt smoothie treats.

Durable and freezer-safe, these reusable icy pole tubes will unleash your flavour creative and allow you and your family to experiment to find your favourite taste combinations.

Pour in your favourite juice, buzz up summer fruits, blend banana and yoghurt, dabble with seeds and see who can come up with the best summer snack combo! There's 12 per pack so you can have plenty of flavour combos on hand.

The tough zipper seal ensures worry-free creating with no messy leaks or spills. Use the built-in label to write your flavour and date on each easy-to-clean bag. BPA free, PVA free, Latex free, Phthalates free.

Ideal for after-school snacks, parties or weekend treats. Save heaps of money while reducing waste! Hooray!

Capacity: 100ml each
Size: 5cm x 26cm.

Handwash only.

NOTE: the zip lock is robust and smaller kids will need assistance to open.