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Guide to Choosing the Best School Lunch Bag for Kids

We all want to find an insulated lunch bag that is going to be the right size for a lunch box and ensure that it is going to fit into a school bag with room to spare. Choosing a well-insulated lunch bag can be confusing as there are many different styles and sizes of lunch bags in to choose from.
The below guide will help you find a lunch bag that will be the right size for your lunchbox and help you to make sure that it will fit into a school bag with room to spare.
Montii Co 
  • One of our most popular Lunch bags, they are made to last with pretested durable fabric that comes in a wide variety of designs. The Lunchbag is a generous size and flexible with a lot of room to fit most lunchboxes. There is a separate pocket for the ice pack and comes with a self-contained gel ice pack which is independently certified as food safe. The Lunch bags are easy to clean with thick insulation that keeps the contents a lot fresher for longer. The lining is quality insulated, so no plastic will come into contact with your food.

MontiiCo Lunch Bag - Baby Bento

  • The Sachi Insulated lunch bag comes in a generous size and is known for its very lightweight design. Some of the main features are an insulated lining with a mesh storage pocket for dry snacks. The Sachi insulated lunch bag is BPA and lead-free and will keep cold for hours if you add an ice pack. Most people will add on a Fridge to go or a Montii co ice panel with this lunch bag.

    Sachi Insulated Lunchbag Range From Baby Bento

    Fridge To Go 

    • Fridge to go is ideal for everyday use and is the perfect size Lunch bag to be used with different shaped lunchboxes and containers Its compact design fits easily into a school bag and includes a removable paddle ice panel. The lunch bags are fully complete collapsible to flat and are BPA in PVC free and easy to wipe clean with soap and water

    Fridge To Go Insulated Lunch Bag
    My Family Lunch Bag

    • Ideal for toddlers right up to the age of 8. One of the best features is the Slimline medium design which includes a removable chilling panel. The Lunch bag is easy to clean and comes with an inside mesh pocket for dry snacks and is easy to carry. The ultra-thin ice pack keeps contents cold for up to 6 hours.

    Bobble Art

    • This lunch bag is versatile and could easily be used as a picnic bag. The bags are fully insulated inside and make it easy to keep hygienically clean and ensures that everything stays cool fresh and unspoilt. It has enough room to hold sandwiches, drinks and all types of snacks.


    Good icepacks are a must for summer, MontiiCo icepack or Fridge to go are the ones we recommend. Fridge to go is a hard panel and is suitable for those who do not have space in the freezer to freeze them flat. They can be purchased separately to go with lunch bags that do not come with one or be purchases as a spare.

    We are always happy to help check with how and what lunchbox fits in lunch bags, please reach out in the comments or reach out via messenger on Facebook.

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