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Choosing the Best Insulated Lunch Bag for 2022

The types and sizes of insulated lunch bags on the market make it difficult to choose one. Using this guide, you will be able to choose a thermal insulated lunch bag that is the right size for your lunchbox and will fit into a school or work bag with plenty of room to spare.

Not Just for Kids - Insulated lunch bags are for adults aswell.

Among the top insulated lunch bags in Australia, Montii Co's insulated lunch bags are made to last with pretested durable fabrics that come in a variety of styles. In addition to the generous size and flexibility of the Lunchbag, it has a separate pocket for the ice pack and comes with an independently accredited food-safe gel ice pack. Easy to clean, the Lunch bags have thick insulation to keep the contents fresh for a much longer period. The lining is quality insulated, so no plastic will not come into contact with your food.


Popular Lunch bags come in many sizes 

MontiiCo  have just released a range of small insulated lunch bags that feature A convenient clip handle which allows you to attach it to backpacks and prams.

Known for their lightweight and generous size, Sachi insulated lunch bags are another popular insulated lunch bag in Australia. It features an insulated lining with a mesh storage pocket for dry snacks. Sachi Insulated lunch bags are BPA and lead-free, and you can keep food cold for hours if you add ice packs. This lunch bag is usually paired with a Fridge to Go or a Montii co ice pack.

 sachi insulated lunch bags

Toddlers through 8-year-olds will love these lunch bags. Designed with a slimline medium style and a removable cooling panel, my family's insulated lunch bags have a sleek design that is easy to clean and comes with a mesh pocket on the inside for dry snacks. The ultra-thin ice pack keeps contents cold for up to six hours.

Penny Scallan insulated lunch bags are made from soft, uncoated fabric, and have a Thermal lining for insulation that is easy to wipe clean. In addition to an inside pocket to store an ice pack, these lunch bags feature a front pocket for extra snacks and a sturdy carry handle with a chunky zipper.

Keeping Lunch bags Cool

For summer, we recommend icepacks or panels. The Fridge to Go ice panel is made of hard plastic and is suitable for those without freezer space. They can be purchased separately to go with lunch bags that do not come with one or as a spare.

Please let us know in the comments if you have questions regarding how and what lunchbox is suitable for lunch bags. You can also reach out via Facebook Messenger.

A well-insulated lunch bag should be the right size for a lunch box and be able to fit into a school bag with room to spare. You can be assured that you are getting a quality product that will last if you choose our list of best lunch bags available in Australia.


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