Best Kids Bento boxes in Australia

Best Kids Bento boxes in Australia

Choosing a good quality bento box is a good investment because they last. They also enable you to put food into different compartments so you don't have to use packaging. One of the main features we love is that they are leak-proof which means you can put things like yoghurt and dips without it spilling. Alot of  Bento Lunch boxes are  are dishwasher-safe so they are easy to maintain and keep clean

With such a wide range of Bento boxes on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one is the best one to choose for your child. Here are some of our favourites.


Little Lunchbox Co

Little Lunchbox Co have  designed their range specifically for children who prefer variety or who are fussy eaters. The range comes according to compartment size  from the larger Bento 5 and Bento 3 along with the smaller Bento 2 which makes a great baby lunch box. Having this variety allows you to make endless combinations of nutritious food that will look appetising by using different textures and colour combinations.

Little Lunchbox Co Range - Baby Bento




Munchbox has are some of the most sought after bento boxes in Australia. The Bento lunch box range includes Maxi 6, Mega 3, Mega 4, Midi 5, Mix & Match & Munchi . The Munchbox Maxi6 holds over 5 cups of food which are in specifically designed to hold child sized portions of the five key groups; Dairy, Grains, Protein, Fruits & Veggies with a small section for a treat or dip



What makes Bentgo Kids so much fun is the endless combinations of nutritious foods you can pack in the five convenient compartments. The largest compartment is the perfect size for a sandwich, wrap or salad. Three mid-size compartments are great for fruit, veggies and other snack favourites. The smallest compartment is sized just right for dipping sauces or dried fruit snacks.

Sustain a Stacker

The Sustain-a-Stacker is a convenient, compact and reusable three-compartment food-grade stainless steel. It Includes 2 stackable levels and bonus oblong container, which can be snuggly stored inside the second layer or used on its own.



Kids love different choices throughout the day, so we’ve designed a lunchbox that offers parents and kids more flexibility.

The lunchbox features a large compartment that fits a whole sandwich.
Plus, sitting underneath the tray is an included gel cooler pack to keep food fresher and cooler for longer. Or, remove the sandwich tray and the compartment now easily fits pasta and salads.

Go Green  Lunchbox

Go Green Medium has the convenience of the 5-compartment food box, with its multiple leak-proof compartments under a single lid – but, for those individuals who do not need the extra compartment for a water bottle – we introduce our latest addition to the Go Green Lunch Box range!


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