Ideas For a Empty Lunchbox

Lunchbox Ideas guaranteed to come home from school empty

We all want our kids to love the effort we go to each day to pack lunch and it is comforting to know that they ate everything. How frustrating is it when a lunchbox comes home half-eaten? I think by keeping things simple and using these handy tips, we can help our little ones look forward to the lunch that we make every day.


Here are my tips and ideas to help 

  • Get a wonderful lunch box that compliments the way your child eats. We have a range of  lunch boxes from baby lunch boxes to adults. 

  •  accessories that contain ice packs which makes sure food doesn’t spoil There are also lunch boxes that do hot and cold, so if there was a successful dinner last night, then keeping it warm in tomorrow’s lunch is a cinch.


  • Use food picks to make items easy to pick up. Not only does this make it fun, but it also adds a lot of variety in how you can add a theme to your lunch box and make it look interesting. I would recommend animal fork pics for fruits to make the pieces look super cute and anime eye pics to make your lunch box come to life.


  • Cut food to sizes easy for kids to eat - Kids often like a few different foods in smaller portions, try to include a variety of foods you know you kids like and you don’t have to include a big amount of each food, use food cutters to make the pieces look attractive and fun.


  • Make it colourful by packing different coloured food think colour combinations such as red, yellow, and green as a great start. If it is hard for your child to eat these types of foods use colourful accessories 


I try to put in what they like and use food and sandwich cutters to make it look fun and often ask for their request. It is important to teach kids about food, like fresh and healthy but keep the new/learning food to home. By keeping the experimentation foods at home and including foods your child likes and making it look fun and attractive you increase your chance of success.

Let us know in the comments below what works for you





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