Tips To Get Your Kids Involved In the Kitchen

Tips To Get Your Kids Involved In the Kitchen

Kids love to help in the kitchen as it is a great way for them to learn the cooking basics and create great childhood memories. it also goes a long way to help with things like fussy eating

Here are some tips to help you get your kids involved in the kitchen

  • Menu Planning and Shopping ā€“ Set some time to plan what you are going to cook and when you go shopping it's a good opportunity to explain the differences between healthy and unhealthy on different products so they learn how to make good choices
  • Safety First - When you are ready to start to make sure you make your kids are aware of the dangers in the kitchen things such as sharp knives & hot stoves, so they know what not to touch. Set up a workstation for them so they can easily access everything
  • Keep to The Basics - Set them up for success by giving them small easy to manage tasks that they can master quite quickly without freaking out, tasks such as washing fruit and vegetables, rolling dough and cutting with kid friendly knives such as Kidd cutter knives are a great start to learn the basics.
  • Teach Responsibility ā€“ When you have finished making your delicious meal, kids can help by cleaning up and setting the table ready for you to enjoy the meal. Not only is this a great way to teach responsibility itis also a great help


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