Why a bento box is the best way to keep things organised

Why a bento box is the best way to keep things organised

Bento Boxes Are Stylish, Perfect for Meals or Snacks.

If you have picky eaters, bento lunch boxes are a great option.

They encourage your child to eat healthily and also have compartments that help control portions. 

Bento Boxes are great for keeping food fresh, they also eliminate the need to use foil or plastic wrap. Bento box meals are inexpensive and easy to prepare, as well as easy to clean. One of the best bento boxes for adults is the sustain a stacker , which is a three-compartment food-grade stainless steel bento box that is convenient, compact, and reusable

Here are my tips to keep packed lunches fresh

  • Create a healthy bento lunchbox by choosing one item from each of the five food groups every day:Include fresh, crunchy veggies and fruit, along with a meat or protein food such as slices of lean meat or a hard-boiled egg. A cheese stick, a cheese slice, milk or yoghurt are also good choices. Consider including starchy foods such as bread, a roll, pita or flatbread, fruit bread, and crackers. The Bento Five lunchbox is a perfect option to keep you on track.
  • Use an Ice-pack: Whenever packing a lunch box, be sure to pack a couple of cooling sources. A cold drink bottle and an Ice packs work a treat.
  • Insulated Lunch Bags: Keeping food safe in an insulated lunch bag will keep it cold for hours. We stock a wide selection of lunch bags that are made with high-quality materials and rigorously tested for durability.

One of my favourites is the Omiebox; It is an insulated lunch box that let you store food at two different temperatures with the hot/cold insulated food jar and the sectioned lunchbox. 


What should you avoid packing in a lunchbox?

Avoid anything that is not allowed by the school, which is likely to include nut products and candy. It is also best to avoid the easy option of snack packs of fun-sized snacks. While most bento boxes are leak-proof, liquids can seep between compartments. Use yoghurt pouches such as the Sinchies yoghurt pouch to include yoghurt in a bento box.  


Can you make packed lunch the night before?

Saving money and eating a healthy lunch is possible by packing your lunch. During your hectic mornings, you might not have the energy or the time to pack a lunch. You can pack your lunch the night before, so you don't need to think about it the next morning.

Let us know your tips in keeping your bento box organised ?

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