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Lunch Punch Sandwich Cutter Pair - Bento Sandwich Cutter

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This new set of Lunch Punch cutters have been specially designed to perfectly fit the individual compartments of the best selling MontiiCo Bento Lunch Boxes!

Not just for sandwiches - use these for fairy bread, cheese, playdough, cookies, fruit and more!

Each set of Bento Sandwich Cutters includes:
1 x Tri sandwich cutter to create 3 rectangles
1 x Quad sandwich cutter to create 4 squares

Lunch Punch sandwich cutters are taller than a cookie cutter to keep your sandwich light and fluffy, and specially designed to leave only the crust - minimising waste.

Using the Lunch Punch cutters couldn’t be easier - simply punch, press, peel and POP for super fun lunch creations.