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Training Chopsticks - Adult - Left Handed

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These Training Chopsticks are designed to help you to take food using chopsticks with no difficulty!

This cleverly designed chopsticks have been popular for years in Japan to correct the way of using chopsticks for adults.

Thanks to the ring for the finger, the one for the index thumb and the shape of the chopsticks eating with chopsticks will become an easy art to master. The cute design will certainly spark up some interest so your kids will even try new types of food! Just to be able to show off their chopstick handling talent!

The learning process will be smooth and easy since the support rings and the shape of the chopsticks offer a firm grip and the correct position of holding them.

You can always learn something new, and the chopsticks are a must in many cuisines.

This Training Chopsticks are suitable for adults

Available in 3 sizes, left and right handed design.

Made in Japan
BPA Free