The Easy Way To Make Sushi

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The Easy Way To Make Sushi

Do your kids love sushi? Mine does! It is nice and healthy, great alternative to sandwiches in lunchbox! Even better if you make your own! Making sushi is so easy using easy sushi maker! Kids in primary school age can even make their own! It's that easy 🙂
We have large and small sushi makers available

Making sushi is is easier than you can ever imagine!
Impress your family and friends making sushi like a professional sushi chef.
Small sushi maker makes little bite size sushi perfect for your little one.

Check out our Instructions below...


Instructions for Sushi Maker

  1. Put in rice seasoned with sushi vinegar up to ¾ of the core container and make a well in the centre to put fillings.
  2. Put the core container containing the rice into the frame.
  3. Put fillings of your choice in the well of the rice in the container.
  4. Put on rice to cover the fillings up to the top of the frame. Make sure the fillings are staying in the middle of rice.
  5. Set the push lid in the frame and press it down.
  6. Remove the push lid and push out the sushi roll on to Nori seaweed sheet by pushing the bottom halls of the frame.
  7. Roll up the rice in the seaweed sheet and leave the end side down for a while for the seaweed sheet to stick together.

Because of how the great the sushi makers are I don't even make them in the traditional way anymore because it's so much easier with this


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